“Safeguarding OUR Community”

#SafeguardingOURCommunity #VoteRosieSJ9

We need to continue electing #AFewGoodMen, especially those who have stood up for and continue protecting #womenandchildren. Don Rocha is our choice for County Supervisor. #WomenElectDonRochaSupervisor (SHARE, SHARE)

Please watch and share our newest campaign video. Thank you!

It is so humbling to have the support of some of Santa Clara County's most impressive leaders on women's rights and women's issues. I want to thank Cindy Chavez, Claudia Rossi, Michele Dauber, Helen Hayashi, and many others who have stood up for women, and all people in our community, throughout their careers. Their initiative and guidance have helped get Santa Clara County to where we are today, and it would be an absolute privilege and honor to continue working with them as County Supervisor in order to make our region the best it can be. As Supervisor, I am committed to working hard on these issues, because after decades of public service, I know that making progress on these fronts are of the utmost importance to create a more fair, just, and equitable Santa Clara County for us all.

#WomenElectDonRochaSupervisor! Here are my 3 reasons why I am walking precincts to elect Don Rocha for County Supervisor:

1. I want a true #publicservant: That is Don Rocha.
2. Don Rocha's family is a working family, just like mine
3. He has a lengthy track record of #StandingUpForFamilies

Join Us! https://www.donaldrocha.com/

Silicon Valley’s economy is booming, but nearly 9 in 10 jobs here pay lower wages today than they did 20 years ago. It's time to #rethinkSiliconValley!

Despite Silicon Valley’s tech boom, nearly 9 in 10 jobs here pay less today than they did 20 years ago. Why? Tech’s business models that concentrate wealth – and shortchange workers.

Find out more in our new study with Everett Program: wpusa.org/research/innovating-inequality/

As Labor Day winds down, I want to take this time to publicly endorse Don Rocha for Santa Clara County Supervisor. I believe that during these very challenging times for working families, we elect candidates who actually come from working class backgrounds. Don's 90 year-old grandmother worked at Del Monte cannery. His parents, both teachers, dedicated themselves to developing minds in the classroom and through sports. Since graduating college, Don has been a public servant. He knows what hard work is, because he has lived it. His entire adult life has been dedicated to serving working families and children, just like his. He is a father of three, a husband, a basketball coach and currently a San Jose City Council Member. Furthermore, Don Rocha knows policy inside and out, nerds out on it, and is the only candidate with experience in stewarding public, multi-billion dollar budgets. Please join me in getting a true working class background candidate elected! Go here to make a donation or sign up to volunteer: http://www.donaldrocha.com/ (SHARE, SHARE) #TeamRocha

Sunday at another successful "Celebrate Cambrian." I stopped by the Building Trades booth to catch up with their leaders and make sure we are actively recruiting more women into trade jobs! #ThankYouTeamDonRocha

The time has come to formally thank all my supporters! Join us in community at a favorite D9 spot for food and drink and to find out what is next in my journey! Please sign up, so we have headcount. #WeDidItTogether

Please join us at the 2018 San José Veggie Fest this Saturday! In addition to live multicultural performances and delicious plant based foods, we will also have a school supplies drive for the CHILDREN of FARM WORKERS. Whether you are a herbivore or omnivore, we must honor the people who put food on our table. 🥒🌽🥕🌻🙏🏾

You are welcome to bring:

Backpacks (no red or bright blue backpacks, violence or military such as camo, promotional logos)
Crayons and colored markers
Lined notebook paper
Pencils and pens
Pencil boxes or zip bags that fit into 3-hole notebooks
Pencil sharpeners
Plain, blank, notebook paper with 3 holes to fit into notebooks Plastic notebooks, spiral notebooks
Safety scissors

(We are only accepting new supplies. Please drop off all donations at the Ash Kalra table) 🙏🏾

Bright and early this morning to welcome the children to the "15th Annual Kiwanis Club of Cambrian Park Summer Music Camp!" #ServingtheChildrenofTheWorld

The election results are in and I did not make it to runoff, but very proud to come 4th, having raised the least amount of money. I will continue to work at #SafeguardingOURCommunity and advocate for #CommonSensePolicy. At this time I want to thank each and every one of you for voting for me, making a donation, hosting a yard sign, or taking the time to volunteer on my campaign. First and foremost, I want to thank my family, for their unwavering support and all the young ladies of Presentation High School for all their hard work! #IamOnlyGettingStarted

TODAY is an important day for Democracy. "B" is for "Billionaires," so please vote NO on this measure.

I know how hectic life can get and you intend to read your voter booklet, but forget. Be an informed voter! This website simplifies the local and regional measures on your ballot, so you make an informed decision. #VoteRosieSJ9

This is what I have been speaking to voters about every single day. Vote "NO" on Measure B and maintain the power with the people!

San Jose District 9 residents deserve safe neighborhoods, good roads and developments approved by the community. #CommonSensePoilicy

The next four years are critical for our city. On June 5th you have a choice. Vote for a candidate with solid finance experience with multi-million dollar bu...

Thank you to ABC 7 News for recording my candidate video. #CommonSensePolicy is about a comprehensive approach and not a one size fits all. This is especially true when it comes to our growing homeless population. #VoteRosieSJ9

Best way to spend Mother's Day Weekend: supporting mom small business owners! #CommonSensePolicy #VoteRosieSJ9

Today starts Teacher Appreciation Week! This is me in my early teaching days, circa 1994. I made $24K a year and spent $4K of it on my students. My vision is to #SafeguardOurCommunity by giving teachers priority for affordable housing. Teachers should not have to commute 3 hours to teach our children. I believe this is a public safety issue. #CommonSensePolicy is about children growing up surrounded by the adults who have the biggest impact in their lives. #ThankYouTeachers #VoteRosieSJ9

My day of canvassing D9 neighborhoods started off with breakfast with “the self proclaimed Mayor of Cambrian Park Plaza” and getting a huge thumbs up from him and his wife on my #CommonSensePolicy platform. #VoteRosieSJ9

Thank you to the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Applied Materials for hosting an efficient D9 and D7 candidate forum and drilling us on the challenges and opportunities for our beautiful City of San Jose. Go to this link to read my answers to #CommonSensePolicy http://svlg.org/candidate-questionnaire-2018-midterm #VoteRosieSJ9

Many thanks to the newly formed D9 Leadership Group and the League of Women Voters Bay Area for hosting our candidate forum last night, right in the heart of Cambrian Park. I am still waiting for a real debate to take place so voters can hear more about my #commonsensepolicy platform. #VoteRosieSJ9

Here is information on this coming Thursday's candidate forum. See you all there! #VoteRosieSJ9

Rain or shine our yard signs went up last week! Thank you to all my staunch supporters in D9 for agreeing with my #commonsensepolicy platform and promoting my campaign!

I am so proud to be a member of the Kiwanis of Cambrian Park! This past week all of the Kiwanis Clubs came together, to raise over $200K for scholarships for under served high school students all over Northern California!

We have to set tribal politics aside and do the right thing. This Tuesday was a great day at City Hall. Kudos to the Mayor and the City Council Members who voted for a requirement of developers to hire locally and pay "prevailing wages." Construction projects should benefit our residents and the money remain in our City. This is what #SafeguardingOURCommunity and common sense policy looks like.

Our enormous homeless issue cannot be resolved in a vacuum. We need all hands on deck. As a former tech executive, I call on the rest of the tech giants to follow suit and put your money where it matters. Collectively, we can resolve these pressings issues in our community!

The most important thing in this campaign is connecting with voters in D9, hearing their concerns, sharing my platform and getting resounding “yeses!” Complete strangers welcome me into their homes. #ItsAllAboutAuthenticity

It is with great humbleness and joy that I share having received the endorsement of the Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley! Help me make top two in the San Jose Primary for City Council member of District 9, on June 5th. Together let's #SafeGuardOURCommunity. Make a donation now: https://rosiezepeda.com/donate

I am not part of the political elite or clique. I am just like you. I am just a San Jose resident who wants to make a difference in her community and go back to the farm, after serving. My family has helped build this City since the 1970's. I want to make sure working families have a space in this City as it evolves from suburban sprawl to urban center. Our District is so unique and I want to safeguard this for future generations.