“Safeguarding OUR Community”

Hello Neighbor,

My name is Rosie, and I am running for San Jose City Council District 9. My family has helped build and contribute to San Jose’s success since the 1970’s. I am the daughter of working class parents who instilled in me hard work, focus and dedication to achieving my goals. With those values I completed my bachelor’s at Santa Clara University and was a Reader’s Digest Fellow for my Master’s Degree in Education. I started my career as a public- school teacher of 5th and 6th graders. Later, I entered tech in the area of strategic business development. Currently I am a business owner, specializing in cognitive leadership and marketing consulting.

I understand firsthand one of the main issues ailing our beautiful neighborhoods: Public Safety. In 2015, I came home to find that my home was being robbed. Then in 2016, as I was on my way to speak at a conference, my car was gone. Therefore, running for office is personal and public safety is front and center. I am running to “Safeguard Our Community.” As a former teacher, one of my priorities is to make our neighborhoods and parks safe for our kids, so that they can have the same carefree childhood I did.

Our city is growing and changing. I look forward to conversations with you on how we can collectively create policy with your values in mind.

Come on down and join me for Compelling Community Talks w/Rosie, Fridays from 10-11am @ Bill’s Cafe on 1401 Kooser Road. I am hear to listen.